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Time is an interesting concept. At the beginning of a new year we are bombarded with resolutions and the deadline of beginning to change our behaviors solely because the calender changes to a new page. Time does not change behavior. Deadlines alone do not establish new patterns. We all know this, yet at the beginning of each year (even the cynics among us, through exposure to media hype and perhaps the efforts of some well-meaning friends or relatives) we fall in to the trap of coming up with some worthy behavior change. Lose 15 pounds….stop smoking….read a book….clean the closets…you know your list.
I do not intend to say that we do not benefit by examining our lives and goals from time to time, but relegating introspection to an annual event strikes me as simplistic. An alternative approach is to evaluate progress towards goal achievement on a more regular basis. For example, if a healthy diet is the the goal, weekly assessment of progress provides much more timely feedback.
Life happens day by day. We change. We learn. With real time information, we can make adjustments before we either disregard or give up on our goals.

So, now that this first month is nearly complete, look back at what you were thinking. What are the changes on which you really want to focus? What have you learned about yourself by trying to change your patterns? What did you not realize when developing your plan for change? What do you know now?

Time is fluid. Jump back in to the flow.