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January 30, 1978.¬† It was just another day. My Dad was here to help wallpaper the kitchen. I hadn’t thought much about that time. The wallpaper was heavy vinyl and held up well to many years of use. I probably should have replaced it sooner…well, you know how that goes.

With some time off for the holiday, I tackled the job of removing the wallpaper. As I peeled the vinyl from the wall I revealed the date. When he worked on a project, my Dad would always place the date somewhere – sort of a time capsule event.

So here I am, 30 years later, pulled back in time, as he intended. With it being Memorial Day, I also remember his proud service as a Marine during WWII. I know that was not his intent, but I cannot help but remember  growing up in the post-war era and how I learned about what is important in life. By his example,I learned about heroism Рthe quiet, attention to duty and doing what was needed, regardless.

Semper fi, Dad.