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Thanksgiving is a holiday that is unique in several ways. It is a holiday we can all celebrate in spite of our differences. There is no religious origin. There are no gifts to give. It is virtually ignored by the media…nothing much to sell except for turkeys and cranberry sauce. If you are vegetarian, there is even Tofurky…such an accommodating holiday.

Gratitude is hard to argue with. Take a moment… much do we take for granted? How often do we pause to acknowledge and give thanks for all those who have helped us along our journey?

Stop for a moment, right now. Take an honest inventory. Ask yourself:

“What have I received during this past year?”

“Who were the people that made my lifestyle possible?”

“Who were the people who supported me?”

“Who did I learn from?”

Take a moment to look inside; to reflect honestly and humbly.

Celebrate Thanksgiving!



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